What Is A Hormone?

I received an email not too long ago from a fantastic woman named Karen.

Karen wrote and said…

“Dr. Anna, I have a request.  I’ve followed you and a few other doctors for some time now, and whenever they talk about hormones, they always assume I already have a basic knowledge…and guess what?  I don’t!  Most of what they say goes right over my head!  Now, I don’t want to sound uneducated, but I feel like I need to ask the basic questions to really understand what’s going on. So here it goes…

What exactly is a hormone?  I know they control things happening in my body, but what are they?  How do they work?  And why are they important?

Thanks for all that you do, Karen”

This is such a great question.

Not because it’s simple, but because she was brave enough to ask it.  It takes guts to admit you’ve either never really understood hormones, or just simply forgotten.  

So Karen, I want to answer your question today in this blog.  And if you’re finding yourself in a similar situation as Karen’s, fear not.  I’ve included a video that simply explains hormones that I recorded especially for you. 😉

Hormones 101

Women’s bodies are so fascinating… and by understanding our hormones (and how they change over the course of our lives), we can really get a better handle on what things can go wrong.

With just a basic understanding of hormones, we can take both preventative steps as well as reparative steps – to keep our lady parts healthy and keep our sexual health thriving.

So in today’s video I want to focus on 3 basic things…

1.  An easy way to understand what a hormone physically is, instead of just what it does…

2.  The #1 reason hormones actually exist (no, their job is not to make us feel crazy ;) …

3.  And a simple concept around how our hormones naturally interact.

Something To Keep In Mind…

Oh… and even if you feel ‘you already know this stuff’, I urge you to watch it anyway!

Everyone needs a hormone refresher, and this video does a great job at breaking down these complex topics into ideas and analogies anyone can understand. I want you to have an intuitive feel for this… if anything, so you can explain it to your daughter (and she can get it)!

Let me start you with some hormone basics…

Once we’ve got this basic understanding, my next blog will contain a video that is going to easily explain what hormones are involved in menstruation, what is really going on every 30 days, and the hormonal shifts that happen naturally as we age.

After that, we’ll dive into more complex and problematic issues in each upcoming blog.  I’ll be covering topics such as estrogens vs androgens, pelvic health, and dealing with incontinence… plus a whole lot more.  😉

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Dr. Anna Cabeca

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