Trolls And Oxytocin…A Love Letter From Dr. Anna

I wanted to wish you a happy Valentine’s Day, but you caught me watching one of my favorite movies… Trolls!

Why Trolls?

I will tell you below, but first here is my idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day this year. Why Trolls?

Dr. Anna’s Single Mom’s Valentine’s Day Wish!

What I Wish For:

Breakfast in bed with a mimosa!  Poached eggs, smoked salmon with capers and onions, an espresso, and yes a Mighty Maca shot, too! Then…

…hugs and kisses…

and the kiddos get themselves to school!!!

A wonderful hot yoga class that alternates between child’s pose and shivasana…

…lunch with my best girl friends…

Reading in the tub, while listening to Andrea Bocelli…

Feeling gorgeous, climbing back into bed for a nap and a book…

Dinner with my honeys… all my kids (exhibiting best manners!) and enjoying a fun easy time with no dishes to clean and lots of laughter and hugs...

Then…ending the evening watching the absolutely best Valentine’s movie!

Ahh… Can someone read me a bedtime story now, please???

This would be a perfect Valentine’s Day!

Yes! Feeling loved by those closest to me would make for the perfect Valentine’s Day…

But I’ll take the chocolate too! 

I surely have imagined more romance in the past (and in the future), but this sounds magical to me today!

Not only does this perfect Valentine’s wish have me surrounded by loved ones, but there isn’t any stress in the picture! (a rarity for a mom…and even more challenging for this single mom!)!

Stress is one of the barriers to our love and bonding hormone, oxytocin. Stress causes an increase in the hormone cortisol which is in direct opposition to oxytocin.

When stress and cortisol are in control, we tend to disconnect from our relationships…we can’t experience love and happiness.

I have tried to illustrate this oxytocin-cortisol conflict in my writing many times, but there is a movie that's been released for a while now - but illustrates this very well-  called Trolls!




Yes, I highly encourage you to watch Trolls because in this movie you will see a visual representation of the cortisol-oxytocin conflict. Really! (plus it is a terrific movie)!

The Connect-Disconnect Phenomenon

In the movie, there are Trolls and Bergens. The Trolls are happy and overflowing with love and connection (THINK OXYTOCIN!). The Bergens are miserable (THINK CORTISOL), fatigued, low energy and think the answer to happiness comes in a pill…. Which in this case is a Troll!

Troll = happy pill —> oh no!

This Valentine’s Day – or any day – watch the movie Trolls because it brings to visualization this concept of chronic stress causing a depletion of oxytocin… but ahh the answer will not be found in eating a happy Troll.

We also find out in the movie that one little troll had PTSD. Yes, a childhood trauma took away all his colors but all is not lost… As this little troll found out, love is the greater healer and it is all in your power…. My valentine’s message for today.

Wishing You Laughter, Good Times, And I Thank You For Being Part Of This Community. Have A Wonderful Valentine’s! You Are Loved!

And while we’re on the topic of love and connection…I teach the restoration of oxytocin and the physiology of connection really well in my Sexual CPR program, and you can learn about this more by watching my free webinar:

Help doctor, my sex drive has no pulse! 

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There are so many things you can do to improve your relationship and happiness.

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