How Women’s Reproductive Hormones Change Every 30 Days

In my last blog on “What is a hormone“, I spoke about the basics of hormones.

This introductory information will make this and other upcoming blogs on women’s hormone changes a whole lot clearer.  If you didn’t get a chance to check out the earlier blog (and its 6 minute video), please do so!

In this blog I want to talk about another important women’s hormone topic: What’s happening with our female reproductive hormones every 30 days?

And don’t worry… I will be talking more about what happens with our hormones as we age beyond our fertile years as well (in fact, that’s the focus of my next blog).

The Main Hormones That ‘Speak’ (Or Spoke!) During Our Periods…

Whether you’re currently getting your period or not, every woman should know the main hormones involved with reproduction.  There are 5, and in this video I’m going to split them up into 2 cooperative groups based on where in the body they work their magic… 

Do you know which 5 of our beautiful feminine hormones are involved in reproduction? Well if you don’t, let me share them with you: FSH, LH, Estrogen, Progesterone & Testosterone. Sound familiar?

In this video,

  • I’ll explain the function of each of our reproductive hormones, as well as how their levels peak and drop in relation to one another over 30 days.
  • What happens in the ovaries, comprised of the hormones FSH and LH (“group 1”).
  • What happens in the uterus, comprised of the hormones Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone (“group 2”).
  • How the two “groups” of hormones work together simultaneously and harmoniously.
  • I’ll also point out how our fluctuating hormones affect our brain and mood, too (so no, foggy brain and mood swings are not a figment of your imagination!).

How women’s hormones change every 30 days” – Watch it now (it is about 6 minutes in length):

Even if you already know this stuff or your period stopped years ago or you had a hysterectomy… watch anyway!

This Is Foundation Information… And Then We Can Move On To The Topic Of Aging And Hormone Imbalance!

Once we get a good handle on the reproductive hormones, we can then begin to discuss how these groups of hormones change as we age (often leading to hormone imbalance).  

Usually, our hormone ‘voices’ get weaker over time…at different rates.  So in my next blog I’ll talk about why our body decreases the production of these hormones (it may surprise you), and the physical and emotional symptoms this hormonal imbalance can lead to.

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Dr. Anna Cabeca

Dr. Anna Cabeca

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