[Aging With Vibrancy] Just Give Up, He’s Had a Long Life!

When my father was 79 years old, his doctors essentially told me to give up on him.

He’s 79 Anna and has had a good life.”

His cardiologist had said.

I listened with polite respect, and then after I hung up, I got angry and busy!

(note that this article was originally written several years ago when my dad had actually turned 89!...sadly we lost my dad last year)

My Dad Had Always Been So Vibrant

You see, my dad was down visiting from Philadelphia to visit us on St. Simon's Island.  He’d had wheelchair assistance from airport check in to check out because he was tired and feeling short of breath.  When he arrived at my home, he was already ready to nap; in fact he was sleeping while sitting in his chair quite regularly.  Worse, he was irritable, short tempered, intolerant, and stingy!

All totally opposite of who my dad is…

Yes, my jolly, social, friendly, easygoing father was downright cranky!  It was by all this that I knew he really was not well.  My Dad is “old school” i.e. he doesn’t complain nor ask for help.

He entered the Navy at age 17 to fight in WWII.  He went into combat on Navy fighters then, being multi-lingual was trained in other languages, and sent to the Middle East as a Naval Attaché.  Dad was perfect for this because he’s naturally gregarious, hospitable, generous, and has a contagious smile and laugh, and still does.

I had asked him: “Dad, I can tell your not feeling well, may I speak with your doctors and see if I can help in anyway.”

“Yes, Anna, I really don’t feel well.”

“Would You Like Me to Help You?” 

I had asked. “Please, if you can, but I don’t want to trouble you.” He said as he picked up my son crawling on the floor next to his chair, and then quickly put him back down, due to weakness.

As physicians we observe; actions, movements, breaths, and clinical signs, skin color, nails, eyes, hair, etc.  I’d gathered a lot of info already before I spoke with his doctors.

When his doctor said “He’s 79…” I did what I had trained myself to do.  When one discipline/method fails, look to another.

I looked at his medicines, and labs, ordered more, and removed 3 of the 9 meds to start.  He was also on 120 units of insulin per day and weighed 240lbs at 5’7”.

I said: “Dad, can you give me the next 30 days and do/eat/drink what I ask?”

He said: “Yes, tell me and I’ll do it!”

“Give me 50 bucks?” I joked, and he laughed!

Getting his buy-in was key, primarily because I needed to take away his whiskey and beer!

A Vibrancy Program For a 79 Year Old Man

I began him on my detox program, nutritional supplements and started him on testosterone injections. (See my detox program)

Believe me, he still ate well but in 30 days he had dropped from 240lbs to 210lbs.  He was freely moving around, and was even out on my tennis court playing with the kids!  His energy was 10X!

I’d kept close monitor of his blood sugar and we were able to drop his insulin from 120 units to 20 units with better glycemic control then he’d had in years!

So when Dad came down last month for my daughters high school graduation, not feeling so well again.  Yes, he’s 89y.o. now, but still drives and lives in the home we grew up in, in Doylestown PA!

He started my detox shakes, Mighty Maca Plus (2 scoops twice daily), nutritional supplements, and I restarted his testosterone, and gave him a healthy dosing of love. 

I hadn’t given up on him yet… like he never gave up on me!

He perked right back up. 

Mighty Maca Plus dad
In fact he’s started an exercise program!  He also maintains 180lbs.  I am very happy that he shared Memorial Day with me and had the awesome experience to meet Taylor, an Afghanistan vet and triple amputee who wheeled over and saluted my father with his beaming smile!

Lessons learned:

  • Lead with love and respect
  • You’re the best advocate your family has
  • We are not limited by our age
  • Our spirit never ages

Supplements Dad is on now (shared with permission):

Disclaimer:  Regarding testosterone supplementation, something I have lectured on for over 10 years, it must be used judiciously in select patients and I look for healthy levels, not too much, not too little, for many reasons. Please always check with your or your loved one’s primary physician who knows the medical history and other prescriptions involved.

For more information on the use of testosterone, and how to boost healthy levels of testosterone naturally, please visit this blog.

You’ll see how important testosterone is for men (it is important for the gals, too), especially as they age…”low t” can result in many physical and mental symptoms, a loss in overall vibrancy…and can also be a contributing factor for many disease states.

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