How to Keep Strong Bones in Your 50s and Beyond With Kevin Ellis


On this episode of The Girlfriend Doctor, Kevin Ellis joins me to talk about bone health. Kevin is a certified integrative nutrition health coach who was diagnosed with osteoporosis in his thirties and has since become an expert on how to keep your bones healthy and strong.

Osteoporosis occurs as a result of behaviors, disorders, diseases and medications that you take, among other things. So make sure you review all factors when it comes to your bone health.

When you have osteoporosis, both your bone density and bone quality are reduced and that increases your risk of fracture. The first thing is to get a bone-density test to find out the condition of your bones. 

Bone quality – the structural integrity of your bone -- is also important to create bone strength. A TBS test can give you an accurate reading on your bone quality, as well as bone turnover markers. These tests will help you identify the root cause of bone loss so you can figure out a plan to restore the raw materials and nutrients that you need for stronger, healthier bones through diet, digestion and nutrient absorption.

What you eat doesn’t necessarily determine your bone health – it’s what your body absorbs into the gut. So it’s important to get the right nutrients to absorb into the gut. Reducing lifestyle stress, exercising right and improving sleep will also help to maintain bone health. You can take Kevin’s 50-minute Stronger Bones Master Class to help improve your own bone health. 


[4:35] Kevin’s health journey

[10:24] Definition of osteoporosis

[10:44] Bone density

[12:35] Bone quality

[13:16] Bone turnover markers

[18:40] Addressing the root cause of bone fragility

[19:28] Causes of osteoporosis

[20:13] Effects of SSRIs on bone density 

[20:30] Other medications that could affect bone density

[24:58] Digestive issues and their effect on bone health

[26:00] Strong Bones Solution 

[27:34] Importance of sleep and exercise

[31:55] Staying away from blue light before sleep

[35:08] Stronger Bones Master Class


Stronger Bones Masterclass - Free Online Masterclass Presented by Bone Coach™ - Kevin Ellis, Certified Health Coach & Osteoporosis Thriver

The Bone Coach Osteoporosis & Bone Health Podcast on Apple Podcasts


“A lot of people don't realize your bones are not what you eat, it’s what you absorb. That’s a really important part of this.”

“Your gut is really like the soil. That's where you're absorbing all of those nutrients that are broken down to their final form and they're absorbed by those roots in your soil.”

“Inhaling our food and drinking with our meals – you don’t want to be doing that. And I always say free refills is a cause of cancer. We don't want to be doing that.”

“We need to get to the point where we're actually building bone strength. If you lead a high stress lifestyle, that's going to contribute to bone loss, too.”

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