Estrogen Versus Androgen – Do You Know Your Body’s Secrets?

Today I want to talk about something every woman should know about, because all women have it and many women use it…but few really understand it.

I’m talking about estrogen.

Now if you’ve been reading my last several blogs (check out the videos below), you know that our estrogen hormones fluctuate during our cycles and works with and responds to our other hormones as well.

You also know that,

Our female estrogen levels naturally decrease over time.

Well estrogen, among other key functions, is very beneficial for the surfaces of our skin and makes us voluptuous women.

Chances are you’ve been prescribed (or use) estrogen if your body has been thrown into an early tizzy of perimenopausal symptoms. I’m talking about our favorite things: hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, insomnia, vaginal dryness…and all those other ‘cheerful changes’ that come with our 2nd adolescence 

And I bet some of you may be saying…

“Hey Dr. Anna, I’ve been prescribed estrogen and use it regularly…so my lady parts, incontinence issues and libido are good-to-go!”

But are you still having symptoms? (I bet most of you are!)

You may have already been prescribed estrogen vaginal tablets, rings, creams or patches…or you may be taking estrogen therapy orally.

If so, you may have seen some relief as follows:

  • If taking estrogen vaginal tablets, cream or rings: you may have seen an increase in moisture and a decrease in irritation and pain during intercourse. But these therapies do not resolve incontinence issues or pelvic prolapse. 
  • If taking estrogen therapy orally: you may have seen a decrease in hot flashes. And a limited number of women also see some improvements to vaginal moisture, irritation and pain. But there is no improvement to incontinence issues or prolapse (and some studies have shown incontinence can actually worsen with oral estrogen therapy!)
  • Estrogen therapies have not been shown to improve desire, arousal or sexual satisfaction. How have they worked for you?

The other important note to point out is that estrogen therapies may not be a possible alternative for many women having had breast cancer or other health issues.

So is there another option to consider?

Yes…and that option includes the use of other natural hormones called androgens.

Androgens are muscle and bone-building hormones, and include Testosterone and DHEA.

In today’s (approx 4 minute long) video you will learn more about androgens! (Watch it now!)

  • The differences in estrogen and androgens relating to how they address the “deeper” muscle walls of the vagina and connective tissue (also called your “pelvic musculature”)
  • What research tells us about the enormous benefits of androgens (DHEA) on this “pelvic musculature” when applied to the vagina
  • What the research tells us about how vaginally applied androgens (DHEA) improve desire, arousal and sexual satisfaction!


Dr Anna Cabeca - Estrogens vs. Androgens


Estrogen versus Androgens

I hope you will watch today’s video and join me for my ongoing education journey on all things FEMALE. I promise to share great insights and practical tips on many topics near and dear to women of all ages, but in particular, women who are in the perimenopause and later phases of their lives because an “ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Future blog topics include more in-depth information on pelvic floor health,incontinence, lubricants, hormone testing…and so much more!

If you want to read more in-depth info and research on the benefits of using DHEA – please check out this article.

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