Sexual CPR®

If you're ready to learn the SECRETS to reigniting your sex drive, experiencing more deep, soul-satisfying sexual pleasure, and reconnecting with your partner -- so you can experience true intimacy -- then do NOT miss out on this opportunity to learn from one of the most accomplished and knowledgeable women's sexual health physicians in the country!

One thing I want all women to understand: "sensual" and "passionate" do NOT equal dirty or slutty. Our bodies were designed by God to enjoy pleasure. It's our birthright!

This program is for you if:

  • You are 35-65 years old and want to experience greater sexual pleasure and deeper intimacy with your partner; or
  • You don’t have a partner now, but want to be prepared to be more sexually open and available in your next relationship.

Below you can see in more detail what we will cover organized by class, but here are some topics we will be addressing:

  • How to stay present during intercourse
  • Why you do your man a favor when you communicate your sexual needs (and the best way to communicate what you want without hurting his feelings)
  • How you can determine if there might be anatomical issues or hormonal issues behind your low or non-existent sexual response
  • How and why intercourse involves much more than just the penis and the vagina
  • The anatomy of the clitoris and the complexity of the female orgasm (and how to achieve it easly even if you've struggled with this your entire life)
  • How to keep your relationship sizzling hot (even after kids and years of marriage)

We will explore where and when physical and emotional disconnect happens during intimacy and intercourse, and I will share with you my personal network of amazing doctors, specialists and teachers who can help you with your specific issues around sexuality.