Q: I don’t want to have sex anymore. Why?

Here's the Answer

Sexuality throughout our lifetime ebbs and flows, and it often happens in phases. When we’re in the middle of life, we may not have the desire we had in our teens, and if we are in a long-term relationship we may not feel the same passion we felt when it was new. With safety, comfort and familiarity, desire may wane. The reasons for this can be emotional, physiological or psychological and often we are sabotaged by things like hormone disruptors in our expensive skin care and body care products. Even products like tampons and pads can affect the health of our pelvic floor. And, if we are having discomfort during or after sex, such as painful intercourse or sexually-induced UTIs, we are going to want to have sex less and less.

So first, we have to get to the underlying reasons for this lack of interest. interested. I created my groundbreaking online program, Sexual CPR, to help unpack the core concepts of what leads to our desire and clear away obstacles so that we can maintain intimacy and connection.

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