Keto Is NOT for Women Over 40, But Keto-Green Is

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  • Making Keto Work

    for Women Over 40

    • How the keto plan REALLY works, and when it can get dangerous.
    • ​​The "green" tweak that makes the lifestyle easier, more effective, and safer.
    • 3 recipes for keto-green meals that are delicious AND easy to make!

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  • Hi, I'mDr. Anna Cabeca

    Over the past 20 years I've served 10,000+ women in my private practice as an OBGYN — and millions morethrough my books, online videos and articles. 

    After years of research, I’ve modified the traditional keto plan to make it safer, easier, and more effective for women over 40!

From easy, healthy Keto-Green recipes the whole family will love, to a step-by-step guide to upgrade your lifestyle – this eBook contains everything you need to know and more.

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  • I want you to live a healthy and happy life.

    That means a life where you aren’t suffering from chronic pain and inflammation; a life in balance (whether that be balanced hormones, gut health or even your mental health!); a life with clarity and longevity; and a life with peace, positivity, and healthy, enduring and loving relationships.

    Get started on the journey to your greatest health.