Pelvic Floor 101: Are you “tinkling” or “twinkling”?

If you haven’t been following my blog and my site is new to you…welcome, and please do check out the many blogs prior to this one…because this is actually one post out of a series of educational posts on women’s hormones and sexual health…you might want to “catch up”!

Over the last few posts we’ve discussed a few really important issues in women’s health: Hormone basics, our hormones and our periods, and hormone changes (imbalances!) as we age.

We also learned the differences between estrogens and androgens and why this matters to us.

Today let’s talk about our pelvic floor muscles & Kegel exercises.

Exercising our pelvic floor muscles are important no matter how old we are! But many women do them wrong.

In this video I will teach you to do the perfect Kegel exercise in under 4 minutes and how to know you are doing them correctly!

                                         Weak Muscles Of The Pelvic Floor – Oh No!

So are you spending your time tinkling or twinkling?

Over time, we inevitably experience weakening of our pelvic floor muscles…. if we don’t take action to prevent that from happening we can experience tinkling at the most inconvenient times!

Yes as we get older, many of us experience incontinence issues. We sneeze, we cough, we’re doing an exercise…and oops, there it is. The embarrassing leak.

I know I’ve had them!

Hey, I’ve delivered 4 of my own babies too 🙂

Yes, pregnancies, improperly done exercises, squats or pilates for instance, as well as being sedentary effects our pelvic floor muscles. Darn! But it can definitely get better!

Ever notice all those incontinence products at the drugstore? Light pads and more….

There are an increasing number of new incontinence products available in the women’s sanitary products aisle these days, and they just keep coming. The incontinence products seem to outnumber the pads and tampons sold for women’s periods! Now there are heavy-duty liners, pads, panties and even tampon-like plugs just for urine leakage.

I even saw an incontinence pad commercial where a company will send them to you at your home in a plain unmarked brown box to avoid embarrassment. Ohhh PLEEAASE!

And the number of prescription options for incontinence symptoms has been on the increase as well. Not to mention the number of incontinence related and prolapse surgeries. I won’t go into this here though. But really…

It is so sad…. And often preventable.

Today’s video: Quick and Easy Pelvic Floor, Kegel Exercises – Dr. Anna’s Way

Today’s educational video is all about strengthening the muscle tone of your pelvic floor. There are many reasons to master this so that:

  • You won’t have urinary leakages when you cough, sneeze and laugh!
  • Your pelvic muscles keep providing optimum support to your bladder, vagina and uterus.
  • You will have more pleasure, intense orgasms.
  • You can stay more active.
  • You have increased healthy blood vessels and blood flow and nerve supply to your vital pelvic tissues.
  • You have increased confidence and self-esteem to live your life fully.

Check out today’s 4-minute video to learn more about:

  • How to do pelvic/Kegel exercises correctly because so many of us do them wrong.
  • How to test if you are doing them properly and…
  • How often to do these exercises for the best results.

I hope you will check out my other blogs from this educational series that I have been providing…and it will continue! I promise to share great insights and practical tips on many topics near and dear to women of all ages, but in particular, women who are in the perimenopause and later phases of their lives.

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