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  • Crazy Cravings

    Crazy Cravings

  • Foggy Brain

    Foggy Brain

  •   Show-Stopping Fatigue

    Show-Stopping Fatigue

  • Haywire Hormones

    Haywire Hormones

  • Hot Flashes

  • Extra Pounds & Inches

    Extra Pounds & Inches

Keto-Green 16 is my proven plan to tame your out-of-control brain, body and belly!

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    "As I moved into my 50’s I struggled with menopause weight gain that I just couldn't lose!  I highly recommend this program as a solution for achieving energy, hormonal balance and weight loss. (I effortlessly released 10  pounds.) Do this now regardless of how busy you are!”

    - Debby T

  • "Tremendously Better!"

    "I have really felt the struggle of menopause within the past decade -- from the weight gain and sluggishness, to bleeding issues, and moodiness.  Dr. Anna’s plan is the solution! Following her expert guidance I gained tremendous energy and clarity! I feel tremendously better, and even more calm.  " 

    - Jamelette C

  • "I Lost 10 Pounds!"

    "Before starting the program, I was too tired to do anything and just not inspired to. All that has changed for the better! My original symptom score was 48 and today I'm at 6. As an extra win, I've lost 10 pounds, and inches from my body. You'll love this program and won't want it to end!" 

    - Vicki O

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Order Now and Get 7 Instant Digital Bonuses Worth $159!

Meet Dr. Anna Cabeca

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InStyle, goop, SHAPE, First for women, Woman's World, People, POOSH, mind body green, Forbes, ABC, NBC A great week made easy!
InStyle, goop, SHAPE, First for women, Woman's World, People, POOSH, mind body green, Forbes, ABC, NBC A great week made easy!

Hi Gorgeous,

My name is Dr. Anna Cabeca and over the past 20 years I've served over 10,000 women in my private practice and millions more online through my videos, podcasts, and articles. 

Although I currently enjoy great health and energy, it wasn't always this way. There was a time when I weighed over 240 pounds, I couldn't focus, and I was always exhausted.

Now I feel great and I have all the energy I need for my very fulfilling life with four daughters, running a busy business, operating a charitable foundation, and training other physicians about my Keto-Green™ lifetstyle. 

I've got all this going on and yet I manage to stay healthy, happy, and fit. 

How do I do it?

I follow the plan found inside the pages ofKeto-Green 16!

If They Can Do It... You Can, Too!