Oxyplay Masterclass

The Girlfriend Doctor, Dr. Anna Cabeca

Did you know that oxytocin is responsible for more than the feeling of connectedness and joy?

Oxytocin plays a role in enhancing your mood, reducing your appetite, pain relief, increased muscle cell regeneration, and even anti-aging.

Learn how to hack oxytocin for your emotional and physical health in this OxyPlay Masterclass where I talk about:

  • Why oxytocin is called the love and bonding hormone
  • How I used OxyPlay and the Keto-Green® diet to reverse infertility and early menopause
  • How the oxytocin-cortisol connection impacts our stress levels
  • How to use oxytocin to heal the damage of stress
  • How to bring back that feeling of joy and connection with the people you love

This is a recording of my talk on DaVinci50, the highest level mastermind for biohacking, maximum health, and radical life extension IN THE WORLD.

People paid $35,000 to attend this live event, but I’m sharing this replay to you for less than $50.

*included for free in the Girlfriend Doctor Club!


  • $49.00



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