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    21 Day Detox Successful Sign Up

    Thanks for Joining Dr. Anna’s 21-Day Detox Challenge!

    First, Download and Print Your Free Detox Resources:


    Next, Prepare For A Successful Detox:
    1. Subscribe to Dr. Anna’s YouTube series so you access and get daily detox video inspirations! These provide pearls and tips to successfully detox mentally, physically and spiritually! They have been designed to give you knowledge for better detox and health.
    2. Watch one per day for the next 21 days
    3. Download all the forms, review them and fill in your baseline data
    4. Take the questionnaires and your measurements
    5. Review my detox chapter and prepare your kitchen and pantry for success
    6. Like us at @Drannac on FB for pearls and to share your comments and videos!
    Additional Support While on Dr. Anna’s Detox
    1. Following the nutrition recommendations and filling out the forms will be very beneficial whether you add the Detox support shake and nutrients.  However, these have been tremendous aides for 1000’s of clients and they are highly recommended.  Research shows that substituting one meal with one shake per day improves weight loss and health!
    2. The detox support shake is Dr. Anna’s new Keto-Alkaline 0g sugar shake (this replaces the PuraD Cleanse shake in the program guide) and it is recommended to at least do 1 shake per day.
    3. The detox support capsules that are also in the guide as PuraD Sustain are now called Keto-Alkaline Detox Support.  Same great product!  This helps your body eliminate toxins better and, more importantly, safer.
    4. Dr. Anna’s Detox Support kit is a great value and has been part of making this detox cleanse easy and so effective
    5. Test, don’t Guess!  This will be your motto.  Start by getting alkaline and use these urine test strips to gauge this very inexpensively.  This will keep you on track!