Mighty Maca High End Shaker Cup

The Steel Shaker Bottle is made of three component parts:

Cap with a unique built-in agitator for easy mixing and dissolving your supplement powder into liquid
23.6 OZ (700 ML) large capacity primary compartment for water, juice, milk, or your favorite drink
6.7 OZ (200 ML) bottom compartment cup for storing scoops of protein powder, pre-workout, post-workout, supplements, snacks, and more!

With the Steel Shaker Bottle's powerful built in mixer under the cap, there's no need for an extra metal mixer ball in order to mix powder. Also, leave the detachable bottom compartment cup at home if you need to save space and aren't taking powder or snacks with you.

Built with a leakproof seal and a thick wide opening mouthpiece for comfort when drinking and easy pouring, all materials are food grade and safe. The VidaPura shaker has clearly marked measurements on the side for accurate mixing.

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