Keto-Green™ Shake 15 Servings


This brand new 15 pack all-in-one Keto-Green meal replacement formula will satisfy, energize and revitalize your body. This super blend contains pure vegan protein and medium chain triglycerides (MCT), an extremely healthy fat that converts to ketone bodies.

Our shake assists athletes, busy professionals and people with an active lifestyle realize increased levels of energy, focus and performance, and helps with weight management.

It also contains some of the world's most powerful nutrients and plant extracts. These ingredients are combined to make up this physician formulated, proprietary, all-in-one, sugar free meal substitute!

My personal journey led me around the world to learn about wholeness and natural healing. I came away empowered with the knowledge that modern medical training and research could be combined with the time tested wisdom and remedies of diverse cultures to yield indisputable results. It is from this experience that I bring you the restorative Keto-Green all-in-one meal replacement formula.

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