The GutSMART Protocol with Dr. Vincent Pedre - How to Use Food as Medicine to Heal Your Gut


Today on The Girlfriend Doctor, we speak with revolutionary gut health expert Dr. Vincent Pedre, the mind behind the GutSMART Protocol, and an expert in personalized gut health. As a child, he took over twenty rounds of antibiotics, which created rampant food sensitivities that affected his quality of life. Dr. Pedre became a functional medicine practitioner out of necessity and created his program so he could conquer his digestive issues naturally. Food can be medicine, and in this episode, he teaches you the fundamental principles of his GutSMART Protocol so you can too.

Dr. Pedre challenges you to take inventory of the foods, drinks, and lifestyle choices that negatively impact your gut health. Sometimes the things we love don’t love us back, and while it might be hard to give up vices like coffee and wine, he shows you how eliminating these from your diet could revitalize your health. 

Trusting your gut is more than words of wisdom. Dr. Pedre explains how the gut is where your body digests thoughts and how your mindset can impact your overall health. He describes the gut as the intuitive center of the body and inspires you to choose your thoughts as carefully as your diet. Join us to learn how you can take control of your digestive health and use food as medicine for your body. 



[1:00] Every Disease Starts in The Gut 

[3:00] Why Dr. Pedre Became a Gut Health Expert 

[5:00] How Antibiotics Destroy Your Gut  

[8:00] We Need to Stop Advertising Pharmaceuticals

[11:00] Common Gut Health Mistakes 

[13:00] You Can’t Have Your Drink and Heal Your Gut Too

[18:00] Feeding Yourself Healthy Foods and Healthy Thoughts

[21:00] Ritualize Your Eating and Developing Intuitive Eating

[24:50] The Benefits and Dangers of Coffee 

[33:00] The Gut Smart Protocol 



The GutSMART Protocol 


“It breaks down your energetic boundaries, and what it's doing in your gut is it's breaking down your physical boundary that’s protecting you from the inflammatory world that’s living inside the gut.”  [15:57] -Dr. Vincent Pedre

“We feed ourselves food, but we don’t really think about that we’re also feeding ourselves thoughts. We’re feeding our brain thoughts, and our brain needs to digest those thoughts. I think our emotions are digested in the gut, and that’s why I think our gut is our intuitive center.” [18:47] -Dr. Vincent Pedre


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