How to Effectively Embrace Positive Change - Setting Intentions For a Purposeful Midlife with Natalie Jill


As you age, it’s common to feel stuck in certain patterns but today’s guest gives you the tools to reimagine your life, health and purpose. Natalie Jill, pivoted from her wildly successful fitness brand to create her podcast Midlife Conversations. Although she was thriving in her career as a fitness influencer, she no longer felt that spark of passion, so she began questioning her purpose. By following three simple steps, Natalie was able to  reshape and redefine her purpose to create a new and fulfilling path. 

Decision, vision and action are at the core of long lasting change! Many women struggle to change because they focus on the action before committing and envisioning the results of the path they would like to take. Once you have gotten clear on what it is that you want, action comes naturally!

Nothing is set in stone, you can improve your diet,  your relationship, your job, your home and your health all by choosing to do so and believing in the possibilities beyond your current circumstances. In this episode, Natalie shares how you can use gratitude and these simple principles to manifest a life of purpose. 



[1:30] As soon as you lose passion for something you’re not going to be an effective coach 

[2:50] Women are so much more than their fitness and nutrition

[5:00] Finding purpose when transitioning into your menopause years 

[9:00] Support versus suppression of your menopausal symptoms 

[12:35] Creating a new life for yourself with Decide, Vision and Action: 

[17:45] Improving your self image by visualizing the possibilities and how that would feel

[20:00] Shifting your energy by focusing on the things that you do appreciate about yourself

[23:50] Getting results by revisiting your commitment every day

[25:40] Action only works when you’ve first decided and envisioned the results that you want

[27:00] You will be rewarded if you intentionally focus on gratitude

[30:00] Manifesting your future with a dream book 



Midlife Conversations Podcast 




“Most people say they want to be happy and want to be confident and that really comes down to purpose because when you are living on purpose, it’s amazing how  you feel and how you look.” [6:37]  -Natalie Jill

“I really think that is such an important skill set for us to be using in midlife, is to be focusing on what we want and how we want to live versus the problem of what is.”  [15:36] -Natalie Jill

“You have to take time on the vision first! The actions only work after decision and vision. Most people go to action first.”  [25:26] -Natalie Jill


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Dr. Anna Cabeca

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