Episode 63: Fasting for the Mind, Body, and Soul

On this week’s episode of the Girlfriend Doctor Podcast, we had a wonderful conversation with Dr. David Jockers. David is a natural health doctor, functional nutritionist, author, and certified strength and conditioning specialist. We dive into many topics regarding the benefits of intermittent fasting, strategies to adapt to eating less, knowing your “Why”, and much more.

I’m sure that you’ve probably heard or seen something regarding the benefits of fasting but in this conversation, we discuss the details on how to ease into a fasting routine without causing getting burnt out too quickly. Food is just as addicting, if not more, than any substance out there, so we should be more careful on what we are ingesting into our bodies and at what time. Dr. Jockers also details how he does a 24-hour fast once a week and how blood sugar and insulin levels impact sex drive and hormones. 

We are literally what we consume, and if we constantly eat foods that are not good for our body, we transmute that low energy into our daily lives. We go in depth on the importance of fasting but if you would like to really go deep-sea diving into the topic, make sure to purchase Dr. Jocker’s book, The Fasting Transformation. And while you’re at it, purchase his other books that will help you improve your physical, mental, and emotional body!

KEY TAKEAWAYS (with timestamps): 

  • [5:28] How Dr. Jockers got through the pandemic
  • [14:07] Finding your WHY
  • [18:04] The many benefits of fasting
  • [23:24] Strategies to adapt to intermittent fasting
  • [32:02] Benefits of a 24-hour weekly fast
  • [25:56] How blood sugar and insulin impact sex hormones
  • [42:39] Faith’s connection to health
  • [46:43] Where to find Dr. David Jockers
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Dr. Anna Cabeca

Dr. Anna Cabeca

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