Episode 18 - 4 concrete steps to resilience with JJ Virgin


I have heard your stories, seen your posts and understand your journey. As you know I have also had a bumpy ride through my life, but it’s those struggles that shape who we are.

Today I am talking to my dear friend and mentor, JJ Virgin. Her story about heartache really hits home with me. But she also explains how resilience creates strength. And that’s exactly what we talk about on today’s show.

This is a very important message that I don’t want you to miss: How do you face challenges with courage and then rebuild your life? How do you build a better future? And how does your intention influence the outcomes of your life?

In this episode we take a deep dive into the 4 concrete steps to resilience:

Step 1: Future pacing: Only envision the future the way you want it.

Step 2: Mindset: With the mindset that anything is possible, your only limitations are your beliefs.

Step 3: Wake up with gratitude and write it down: Pull out a journal, physically, and daily write down 3 items you're grateful for.

Step 4: Forgiveness - Forgiving someone is an active process; it has nothing to do with the other person…

Join me!

You may also love JJ’s book, Warrior Mom, 7 Secrets to Bold, Brave Resilience

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