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    My nightmare began on a peaceful Sunday afternoon at home after church with family and friends. Nothing about the day indicated my life was moments away from changing forever.
    Are you lonely and disconnected from your relationships with others and even yourself? Do you feel stress and tired pretty much every day?

    It's common to fall off balance during the holidays. Commit to a healthier lifestyle in the new year using these 3 steps. 

    A great article by Rachel Ansplach details the benefits crying has on your emotional state.
    Have you ever felt so stressed out and weighed down that you could not see a clear way out? Dr. Anna Cabeca has and in this blog, she shares what helped her overcome these burdens and stressors.
    Dr. Anna Cabeca discusses the effects of stress on our love connections. Read to understand the connection between hormone imbalance and disconnect. To fix this we learn the necessity for Oxytocin and how to maintain your well-being so you can love to the fullest and enjoy activities you used to love.