It’s So Easy Being a Single Mom!

While I’m sorry to see the summer vacation passing, starting back to school with our children really is a time that heralds in organization and routine! Let me share my experience with you of getting me and my girls back into school mode routine.

Monday morning after waking up joyfully:

  • I journaled and read my Jesus Calling book.
  • I walked outside to see the sunrise and do some yoga.
  • I prepared a wholesome breakfast.
  • I woke my girls, who all gave me a smile and said, “I’m so excited for school.”
  • We dressed and ate together at the table.
  • I drove everyone to their respective schools early, with a hearty lunch packed and an “I love you with all my heart, -Mom” card tucked in.
  • I received an “I love you mom” as they walked in.
  • I then had a great day at the office and picked everyone up on time after school.
  • They did their homework without me asking and then played.
  • We cooked shrimp stir fry. These awesome girls chopped veggies and did the dishes!
  • Everyone adhered to the “no electronics on school nights” rule. We read, said prayers, and went to bed.

What a wonderful day!Huh? What?… Sorry, I was daydreaming there, ahem. Let me wipe the drool off my chin.

Here’s my REAL Monday morning:
  • I did get up and journal quickly, and boiled water which serves three purposes — tea, oatmeal, and hard-boiled eggs.
  • I woke up my girls — again. From the teenagers, I received an angry “I’m awake!” as they are barely visible under the covers. From Ava, my 6 y.o. I heard “I want to wear my pink dress!”
  • I made a shake in my shaker cup with a scoop of protein (Keto-Alkaline Protein Shake) and a scoop of Mighty Maca — no time to blend, just shake while making Ava’s lunch… leftover sushi. (Don’t worry she really loves sushi and they are California rolls. I’m really careful not to give my girls salmonella.)
  • Me: “Breakfast ready”
    • Me, again, a few minutes later: “Breakfast ready!”
  • Me: “Time to go!”
    • Me, 5 minutes later: “In the car!”
  • As I begin rushing everyone to the car, I grabbed the hard-boiled egg (which I somehow managed to peel) and oatmeal and shake and two spoons.
  • Me: “Ava, did you have a fight with your hairbrush? Really, your hairbrush is your friend.” “Hold and eat the egg while I brush”
  • At the car now… teenager walks out, boots and make-up in hand: “I’m gonna be late! Can we get Starbucks and Chick-fil-A?”
  • Me: “Eat your egg – it is pre- Chick-fil-A!… everyone in the car… and shoot, we’re gonna be late.”
  • I drop Ava off first.
    • Me: “Have a good day honey!”
    • Ava: “I don’t want to go!”
    • Me: “ Look there’s your teacher!
    • Ava: “No!”
    • Me: “Yes!”
    • I put the car in park, coaxed her out with her teachers help which became very easy as her friends, also late, pulled up and her mom yelled to me “Anna can you take these into school I’m still in my PJs!” (Me: “Lucky you!”)
  • Then driving teen to school, finished the argument:  T: “Why can’t we get a Starbucks, I am already late?”
  • Me: (I must admit I was really tempted by that argument but said brilliantly) “Because we’re already late!” Chitchat, chitchat, then drop her off.
  • Off to the office — and then I realized I didn’t put a bra on! Thank God for sweaters that were stashed somewhere in the trunk of the car!
  • Then, AFTER school…
Okay, you get the picture!

Actually, that’s what I wrote a few years ago, and how am I doing this year you may ask?

Some things never change! But I honestly have it much more together on most days!

The back-to-school routine is not always solid, calm, and peaceful.

It’s hard to wear so many hats when you only have one head, isn’t it?

On Couch Talk, my friend – and one of my favorite nutritionists – Cynthia Pasquella joined me to talk about the challenge of wearing multiple hats and gaining perspective.

This was a fun impromptu session that I think you’ll really enjoy.

Plus, Cynthia shares some fantastic pearls from her Transformational Nutrition summit. Listen in here. It’s a great one for your commute!

While I certainly am not perfect nor claim to be, I do perfectly love being a mom and raising my children and love all of them so much. Yes we fight, argue, and there are messes on the floor, but we have lots of fun moments too.
Here are a few things that help me – I think they’ll help you too:
  1. Pause. Breathe. Smile… Connect.
  2. Prepare in advance
  3. Keep it simple and minimalistic
  4. Value and spend time with them outdoors rather than indoors
  5. Pause. Breathe. Smile… Connect

Okay, moms out there, I need your help! Being a single mom without reinforcement is a challenge, to say the least.

What helps you gain structure and discipline in your family life? 

Wishing you a Vida Pura,

P.S. Be sure to catch Cynthia Pasquella and I talking in more detail about gaining perspective and wearing multiple hats – listen to the Couch Talk here.

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