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    Hungry? Looking for something healthy and satisfying? Make one of these delicious recipes from the Mighty Maca Contest.
    This hearty new take on a chili is full of nutrients and delicious flavor! It’s not too spicy, and is perfectly creamy with the tasty addition of coconut milk - you’ll be going back for seconds!
    Cauliflower to the rescue yet again fulfilling our carb fantasies so we can still enjoy chicken and “rice” soup...keto-green style.
    A must make during pumpkin season! The coconut milk gives this a wonderful creaminess and the spices are perfectly curated.
    I think it’s safe to say I don’t need to explain gravy to you. And you don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving! Try it over the Cauliflower Mash too, you won’t be disappointed.
    It’s hard to believe how many ingredients are in this blended soup but my goodness do they work great with each other and leave you feel cleansed.

    If you have a soft spot for tomato soup, you’re going to love this.
    If you don’t care for tomato soup, still give it a try- you’ll probably like it too.

    Hands down, THE best. Bone broth not only tastes delicious but it’s great anytime of day and packed full of nutrients. It satisfies your taste buds while letting your body rest.
    Dr Anna Cabeca's protein and mineral rich soup