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    A little sweet, a little spicy and a whole lot of goodness! Have fun with your protein shakes and add other alkaline ingredients. In this blend, I love using Dr. Kellyann’s Vanilla Collagen Shake and Protein Powder.
    You know I had to make a festive pumpkin spice beverage with Mighty Maca! I believe you will be quite pleased with it. Enjoy!
    When I’m in need of a heartier smoothie, I love to add nuts for the fats, especially cashews. Hearty and creamy.

    This drink makes me feel like I just had a spa treatment and feeling fabulous!
    Total beauty beverage.

    If I was a smoothie, I would be this Island Green smoothie. Vibrant and smooth with a little bit of spice!
    This shake has everything you need and it’s dressed up in everything I love. Perfect meal on the go!
    This is the mother of all keto-alkaline protein shakes. She is perfect simply as is, but can be dressed up in several ways from a green smoothie fusion to a cocoa almond butter delight.
    Improve your life, starting with your diet! Here are some of our fav Keto-Alkaline™ shakes that you should try today.
    About to do some partying? Don't start unprepared! Dr. Anna Cabeca provides two great recipes to prepare you for the night so you can still wake up refreshed.