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    Hungry? Looking for something healthy and satisfying? Make one of these delicious recipes from the Mighty Maca Contest.
    This hearty new take on a chili is full of nutrients and delicious flavor! It’s not too spicy, and is perfectly creamy with the tasty addition of coconut milk - you’ll be going back for seconds!
    Lots of texture and flavor is layered in these green beans that take little time to make, and are sure to impress! The crispy pancetta with flakes of toasted coconut and nutty bites of pine nuts all mixed in with bright green and tangy green beans guarantees that this is a dish you’ll make over and over again!
    A perfectly creamy and savory green bean casserole that’ll make you forget all about that gross canned version - this classic tastes a million times better with fresh ingredients!
    Coriander may be beef’s best friend, they are a perfect match! I don’t eat much red meat but when I do, it’s usually this. Delicious!
    This recipe does require some pre-planning but other than that, this recipe is fantastic.