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    Living in the South we are blessed with warm weather but my goodness it gets really hot some months! That’s when hydrating drinks, like this one, come to the rescue. You’ll want to share.
    Tequila and potato vodka have quite a low glycemic index, so they can be enjoyed for the occasional refreshing cocktail without kicking you out of ketosis. With New Years Eve festivities coming up, you can find me drinking this delicious cocktail. Sometimes I add a zing by muddling in a fresh jalapeño slice and fresh ginger.
    Whether you’re having a cocktail or a mocktail, you cannot go wrong with sparkling water, citrus and ginger. This mix adds a little splash of color and sweetness. Enjoy these drinks that keep you in the keto burning zone
    This makes me want to curl up by the fireplace on a snowy day. This drink is warm on every level and will make your kitchen smell amazing. A perfect drink to enjoy while still staying Keto-Green!
    Perfect for any occasion, this bubbly keto-mocktail is so refreshing with delicious hints of flavors.
    Treat your coffee right! The addition of the healthy fats is a bonus for the brain and flavor.
    Robin Nielsen provides us with a fantastic green cocktail that helps build our bone health.