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    Spicy Green Chai Shake

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    Spicy Green Chai Shake

    by Mary H


    • 1 – 1 1/2 c water
    • 1 scoop Keto-Alkaline protein shake mix
    • 4 raw almonds
    • 1 walnut (brain food!)
    • 1 T raw pepitas (pumpkin seeds)
    • 1 – 1 1/2 T chia, flax and hemp seeds mix (All seeds and nuts soaked and rinsed)
    • 1 t coconut oil
    • 1 large handful of raw baby spinach
    • 1/3 cup cilantro leaves and stems
    • 1 stalk celery, roughly chopped
    • 1 small cucumber
    • 1/4 t curry powder
    • 1/4 t turmeric
    • 1/4 t garam masala
    • 1/4 t coriander
    • Sprinkle of cinnamon
    • 1 small pinch cayenne pepper
    • 1/4 avocado


    Blend all together. ENJOY.


    Mighty Maca® Plus would be a great addition if you haven’t already had yours, but since I always drink that on arising, I don’t ever add it.

    The amount of spices used will vary with their freshness and personal taste.

    I use less oil because I have added avocado, nuts and seeds.

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