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    Join Dr. Anna Cabeca in her Couch Talk with Leigh Erin Connealy! In this interview, we learn cutting-edge info on the prevention and cure of cancer, and what to do to keep our hormones healthy.

    In this Couch Talk interview, we discuss the importance of an elimination diet (she lives gluten, dairy and soy-free) and how eating the right foods is key to cooking for hormone balance.

    Join Dr. Anna Cabeca in her Couch Talk with Dr. Edwin Lee! In this interview, you will learn about the incredible use of bio-identical hormones, the differences between types of hormones, and which are protective against breast cancer!
    Couch talk guest Debra Atkinson shares how you can get more energy with less exercise
    Dr. Anna Cabeca interviews Rebecca Murray, NP, Maria Belluccio, R.N., A.P., D.O.M. & Dr. Ellie Campbell. They discuss breast cancer prevention and breast health.
    Join Dr. Anna Cabeca's Couch Talk with Dr. Brianne Grogan as they talk about all things pelvic health!
    Do you know the secret key to balancing hormones? Find out on Dr. Anna Cabeca's Couch Talk with Dr. Lisa Everett.
    Join Dr. Anna Cabeca's Couch Talk with Ian Clark as they discuss the importance of Magnesium! A lack of magnesium can cause a series of diseases and energy deprivation, so listen in to learn more and find out how to fix it.
    Are you struggling to sleep through the night, have low energy, and low sex drive? If so, listen to Dr. Anna Cabeca's couch talk with Dr. Sara Gottfried! They will be discussing important tips to keep your hormones in balance, sleep through the night, increase sex drive, and many more!
    Listen to Dr. Anna Cabeca's talk with Dr. Tami as they uncover the hormone secret!
    Do you have bad periods? Join Dr. Anna Cabeca's interview with Lara Briden as they discuss the effects of birth control and many other topics.
    Dr. Anna Cabeca talks with Sara Gottfried, M.D. about what it takes to reset your metabolism.