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    On this episode of Couch Talk, Dr. Anna Cabeca talks to Dr. Mary Louder about how genetics impact our health and how can you enhance your overall life, health, longevity, and life quality through your genes?
    Join Dr. Anna Cabeca's talk with Dr. Trevor Cates as they discuss healthy skin and healthy aging.
    Did you know that the gut may be the cause of Alzheimers? Find out more health issues that the gut can cause here.
    Listen to Dr. Anna Cabeca's Couch Talk with Ritamarie Loscalzo about belly fat and fatigue and how getting in control of your blood sugar can lead to the removal of that stubborn belly fat.
    Couch talk guest Dr Susanne Bennett talks about the 11 Surprising Facts About Allergies and much more!
    Dr Anna Cabeca meets Dr. Carri Drzyzga on Couch talk. They discuss how to fight back fatigue. Tune in.