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    Keto-Alkaline (Keto-Green™) Diet

    Learn about genetically modified foods and their impact on our food chain and our health
    • 2 min read

    A quick nutrient guide to healthy, glowing skin after 40

    • 5 min read

    Dr Anna Cabeca's secret recipe to curb your carb cravings!

    • 4 min read
    Traditional keto diets neglect alkalinity, so important especially for women. This missing component creates many roadblocks and negative reactions.
    • 6 min read

    Keto diets work. Even among patients initially doubtful, once they get into ketosis and see impressive, gratifying, often times instant results, they become believers.

    • 6 min read

    Clearing up the confusion: what’s an alkaline state all about?

    • 6 min read
    Dr Cabeca's message at Thanksgiving time. Some gifts for you as well!
    • 2 min read
    This small berry packs quite a punch. Learn about its many benefits
    • 1 min read
    • 2 min read

    How does a ketogenic diet work so well at supporting fat loss and other health benefits?

    • 7 min read
    Your body’s urine and salivary pH can change due to different inputs, such as with the different foods you eat. Learn the significant health benefits of a Keto-Green diet.
    • 8 min read