The Remarkable Mia Jones

Mia belongs on the Rock Star Hall of Fame. She got my book, Keto-Green™16, and began the keto program just as all businesses were shutting down due to covid19. This has been a trying time for all of us and if you ever wanted an excuse not to diet, this would be it. But Mia wanted to get better.

Let me tell you a little about her. She’s only 45 years old and yet struggling with Crohn’s Disease. She was also pre-diabetic. She’s a beautiful girl that works hard in spite of the challenges life throws at her. Instead of making excuses (we all do that sometimes), she went ahead and got on board the Keto-Green™16 train.

She says this:

“I had heard of Dr. Anna through her book, The Hormone Fix. I knew about her medical practice. When I learned about Keto Green 16, I was so excited. It sounded like exactly what I needed. The only thing I worried about was the fasting. I wasn’t sure I could do it.”

So I asked her about that and here’s what she told me:

“I thought I’d be hungry halfway through it but it wasn’t difficult at all. I never felt hungry. My energy levels improved so much that I felt like getting out and taking a walk each day.”

A few other things she mentioned were about how she had a team to support her. We know from experience that when you have a team behind you … helping, encouraging, and supporting your efforts, the program is so much easier.

Mia also said that she enjoyed being able to support local Farmers Markets. She said she enjoyed shopping for leafy greens and the other ingredients in the recipes. She told me that often the merchants at local stores can tell you a lot about their produce. One lady at the market shared about the best types of olive oil to use. She says that she learned so much during the program, that it was fun and easy to do.

I asked her about cooking the recipes. I wanted to know if the average person finds the recipes difficult to make. Here’s what she said:

“Having those delicious recipes right at my fingertips was great. It was easy to cook the Keto-Green way. I made the chocolate avocado mousse and loved it. It was simply amazing. The monk fruit was good too, though I’ve never been a fan of monk fruit. I also experimented with sauerkraut and kimchi. My family loved those recipes I made. The Keto Green™16 plan was overall a huge success and I’m planning to do it again. In fact, I can’t wait.” 

She also mentioned that some days, she was just too busy to cook. On those days where she didn’t prepare a meal, she would simply have a Keto Green shake using the mix. She says that she loves those shakes and often shares the packets with others in her office.

She's a big fan of Mighty Maca too. In her own words:

“Each day around 2 pm when the afternoon slump hits, I would mix up a big Mighty Maca drink. It gave me the energy to get through the day. I love the taste of Mighty Maca. It makes me feel better overall. Gives me lots of energy and really helps with brain fog. I lost 10-15 pounds in one week. I was so excited about that.”

She said she felt that doing another round of Keto-Green™16 would be fun and easy because she has all the tools now to do it. She has expanded her pantry adding the recipe ingredients.

Mia and I both rejoiced when she told me that her Crohn’s disease was in remission. She’s still working from home but staying busy. Mia is a dedicated social worker who works with foster parents and kids. She loves her job.

At only 45 and with Crohn’s disease and pre-diabetes, Mia wasn’t ready to just give up and you shouldn’t be either. Regardless of how many times you’ve tried and failed, my program works. It’s a good diet for anyone and everyone. You eat natural products from a local farmer’s market or store.

Mia’s final words about the program were these:

“I didn’t have to make special food for me, then other food for my family. Everyone, even the kids, loved the dishes I would make. I enjoyed supporting the local stores and learned so much. The diet was easy to do and even kids could do it.”

We’re overjoyed about Mia’s success and her weight loss. She feels stronger and healthier now. She has the energy to live her life. We’ve heard stories like hers before and some of you have written me that the Keto-Green™16 diet helps with joint pain. It helps clear away brain fog. And we often hear about success with weight loss. In some cases, members of this program are eventually able to get off their diabetes medicine.

With so many people suffering today with things like arthritis, hormone-related conditions, obesity, joint pain, and low energy, I feel like the Keto-Green plan can help them. It’s all about what you put in your body … the foods, drinks, lotions, skincare products, and other things ingested by our bodies are so important. Once we learn to be more careful in these areas, we will see better overall health.

If you’d like to learn more about Keto-Green™16, please check out my website. I have so many resources there to help women with hormone issues, weight loss, chronic illness, and other problems that we women face. You can purchase a copy of my book, Keto-Green16 here and start your own success story. Or get the Keto-Green16 Quick Start Kit here.

As always, thanks for reading and thanks for supporting what I do. It makes it all worthwhile when we hear great success stories like Mia’s.

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Dr. Anna Cabeca

Dr. Anna Cabeca

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