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    Keto-Alkaline (Keto-Green™) Diet

    Every holiday has a signature dish, and when it comes to the famous fall festival it’s all about the candy. Resisting those sugar cravings is a big ask when we find ourselves surrounded by overflowing bags of chocolate and candies.
    Creeping weight gain — even while maintaining the same diet and exercise routine — is a problem for many women during menopause, especially body fat around the abdominal area. Yes, that dreaded, stubborn belly fat!

    Putting in the work to become Keto-Green™ is hard, but it can be even harder in a state of ketosis, especially when you come eye to eye with a tantalizing table filled with Thanksgiving favorites.

    Healthy aging consists of eating a Keto-Alkaline® (Keto-Green™) diet, enjoying a good night's sleep and supporting vaginal health.
    Dr. Anna Cabeca provides us with six great techniques to help us feel better and improve our health.

    Clearing up the confusion: what’s an alkaline state all about?