Prevention is key to reduce your risk of having breast cancer

All of us know someone who has battled with breast cancer, and many of you likely have done so yourself.
My family has been impacted as well and I know the pain of both the fight and the loss.
Any type of cancer is a terrible disease and it is my sincere hope and prayer that our most brilliant scientists and researchers will soon have a 100% cure!
In the meantime our focus needs to continue to be on maintaining our best health, keeping our …

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Conquer the Devil’s Pitchfork: inflammation, adrenal dysfunction and hormones!

As someone who wants you to continue to live a healthy and energetic life, I know that the nutrients you take in power so much of what you do.
The right nutrients can help you maintain your best overall health as well as boost your energy and metabolism.  But nutrients need to do more than just spunk you up (I mean, caffeine does that, right?)…
Conquering the Devil’s Pitchfork
My decades as a physician has taught me that the right nutrients can not only add …

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Kick-Start a New Keto-Alkaline You!

My Keto-Alkaline™ Diet, also referred to by me as my “K-A lifestyle” (Kick-Ass!)…really makes me feel fabulous…and I want that for you, too.
First, you can download my brand new FREE ebook on, “The Secret Science of Staying Slim, Sane and Sexy After 40“! Do that now!

This ebook will help you understand and implement an amazing Keto-Alkaline diet and lifestyle transformation!
Here I will also answer a couple of common questions regarding getting started on a Keto-Alkaline Diet. These are questions I routinely …

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Reduce your inflammation. Be the Champion of your health!

Even though one in eight US women will develop breast cancer at some point in their lives, our focus needs to be on health and prevention. Fortunately, there are many natural ways to potentially lower your breast cancer risk and stay healthy.
The key to reducing your break cancer risk is to reduce your body’s overall inflammation.
Diet, lifestyle choices and nutritional supplements can have a “positive effect” on reducing inflammation, and on reducing your risk for breast cancer.
1. A Keto-alkaline diet reduces inflammation

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[Men!] I didn’t forget about you!

With all of my emails going out about my new Magic Menopause program and women’s haywire hormones…it occurred to me that I have been neglecting the MEN in my community…
I wouldn’t have even realized it (sorry, I’m so busy getting ready for my program)…
…except several of you wise-guys out there have taken my Menopause Quiz…
LOL, yes very funny…but let me just tell you that you all flunked!!!
You did make me laugh, though…which is always greatly appreciated.
So for all of you …

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Essential Nutrients for Glowing Skin Beauty from the Inside Out!

Good skin isn’t just an outside job. As a doctor and expert on anti-aging and regenerative medicine, I’ve seen first-hand that the skin is a mirror for not only the health of your outsides, but also the health of your insides. The right nutrients can make all the difference; especially as we age…they’re essential to glowing, healthy skin.
Here’s a quick nutrient guide to healthy, glowing skin after 40…

Heal Your Gut, Heal Your Life: Use Digestive Enzymes and Betaine HCL to break down …

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