Libido Boosting Recipes (So healthy, too!)

My good friend Leanne Ely and I have participated in some fun summits and  interviews together.
One favorite in particular was a presentation we did on how to naturally increase one’s libido!
I’ll have what she’s having!

There are so many great foods and nutrients that can really help with enhancing our “sexual appetite“.
Some foods can provide greater energy and vitality. Others can improve blood circulation. Many can help put you in your happy spot and in the mood!
As a …

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Aphrodisiacs? I’ll Have What She Is Having!

If you’ve watched the Katz’s Delicatessen scene in the movie “When Harry Met Sally,” you can’t help but ardently admire Meg Ryan’s acting ability as Sally.
Do women fake orgasms? (or is it something she ate?)
She is sitting at a deli table with ‘Harry’ (Billy Crystal) and proceeds to fake an orgasm right there in the restaurant to prove a point to Harry that women can and do indeed, with great gusto and authenticity, really fake orgasms from time to time.
The middle-aged woman …

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