Fasting, mTOR, autophagy…and the importance of the feast!

This article will address:

Why I am an advocate of intermittent fasting
The health benefits of fasting (it’s more than just weight loss)
How fasting has been shown to preserve learning and memory function!
Why fasting is a great idea for menopausal women!
What’s the fuss about mTOR and autophagy, and what’s it have to do with fasting?
How fasting supports your circadian rhythm and a healthy gut microbiome
Why you still need to feast!

I just returned from traveling to Poland, and …

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Curb your carb cravings!

Do you crave bread? Sugary sweets? Or any number of processed snack foods?
I know I sometimes do, and it will often happen when I haven’t been sleeping well or I am under some kind of stress. You know, when my “me time” has disappeared from my overscheduled calendar!
In particular, cravings hit me when I travel and I’m not on my usual routine and not eating my usual healthy foods! My circadian rhythm may be off when traveling across country.
That’s when I reach …

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