Libido Boosting Recipes (So healthy, too!)

My good friend Leanne Ely and I have participated in some fun summits and  interviews together.
One favorite in particular was a presentation we did on how to naturally increase one’s libido!
I’ll have what she’s having!

There are so many great foods and nutrients that can really help with enhancing our “sexual appetite“.
Some foods can provide greater energy and vitality. Others can improve blood circulation. Many can help put you in your happy spot and in the mood!
As a …

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Why DHEA is optimal for vaginal dryness, pain and pelvic health

I recently wrote this very detailed article on why the natural hormone DHEA is a superior treatment option for vaginal atrophy and menopause symptoms in women. I used DHEA when developing my new restorative feminine vulvar cream, Julva, because of its tremendous vaginal health benefits and safety.
I think you will find the article informative…and it may help you immensely.

Please feel free to provide the link to this article to your friends, loved ones and/or patients. Practitioners may link to it in their …

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Energy To Connect, Love and Intimacy or Redbull and a divorce attorney?

Sexual health is vitally important within our marriages as an aspect of our ability to connect and communicate.
We have a physical nature to us that is designed to inspire intimacy and connection, keeping us bonded together, a family. A good relationship is ultimately the “spice of life”. A happy and healthy marriage is key to longevity, healthy aging, fulfillment, and a general sense of peace and satisfaction with our lives.
But stress can build from outside and inside our relationships, causing DIS-CONNECT.
We have become a country …

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Cortisol in Control? Oxytocin to the Rescue for a More Loving, Healthier Life!

Do you feel stressed and tired pretty much every day?
Are you lonely and disconnected from your relationships with others and even yourself? Have you intentionally not interacted with people or your favorite activities just because you didn’t have the energy to care and engage?
I was like this for many years. 
And do you know that I finally figured out the cause was hormone imbalance due to chronic stress and PTSD that I suffered as a result of losing my young son in a tragic …

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