Periods, Moods and Menses…and Perimenopause, too!

Today on Couch Talk I have brought back a previous – and popular – guest, Dr. Lara Briden.
She is a naturopathic doctor with some twenty years of experience in women’s health and she runs a hormone clinic in Sydney, Australia.
Lara is here to talk with us about her recently updated book, Period Repair Manual: Natural Treatment for Better Hormones and Better Periods.
With 4 daughters I can tell you that this is an important resource book – and required reading – in my household!
What I love about …

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Overcoming self-limiting beliefs and transforming your life (it’s possible!)

Imagine someone shows you a graphic that has a number of items on it. There is a yellow banana, a yellow scarf, red apples, a red truck, a blue dish, a green vase, and so on… If someone quickly flashed you that graphic and then took it away you might remember a few of the items. Or you might not!
But what if you were told to focus on the red items only. You are quickly shown the graphic and then asked about the red items you saw…I bet …

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Hypothyroid Mom: From Miscarriage to Empowering Millions

Today on Couch Talk I have a very special guest who has a million followers on Facebook!
My guest is Dana Trentini, also known as the “Hypothyroid Mom”. We will be talking about all things thyroid, including Dana’s own fascinating story relating to her personal healing journey (which continues today)…and she’ll be sharing many insights and pearls relating to thyroid health.
First, a little bit about Dana.
She began her award-winning website, in 2012. She started her blog to tell her own story …

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Methylation and Your Health: What You Need to Know

Today I have a very exciting guest on Couch Talk, Dr. Kara Fitzgerald.
I’ll tell you more about Dr. Kara in a moment, but want you to know that she is absolutely brilliant…and she will be talking with us today about methylation.
By now, I’m sure you’ve heard conversations – and a good deal of buzz – around the topic of methylation… and even more likely, you are probably a bit confused about what it really is and why it matters to you!
It is …

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Your Vibe, Energy and Life

Robyn Openshaw: Your Vibe, Energy and Life
Today, my very special guest on Couch Talk is Robyn Openshaw.
Robyn is an author of 15 books and is known as the “Green Smoothie Girl”… but she is so much more. Our conversation was fantastic and far-ranging…we talked about her reality TV show gig on the program, “Wife Swap”…oh, my goodness…so interesting and hilarious, too.
But more importantly we talked about the stunning revelation that changed her life and her family’s as well… and that went on …

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Confused about bio-identical hormones during menopause?

Couch Talk hormones graphic

Controversy and clinical insights into the health effects and breast cancer
Today on Couch Talk I am talking with Dr. Edwin Lee. He is a past Couch Talk guest and one of the best physicians I know.
And we’re talking about one of my favorite topics, the use of bio-identical hormones in the treatment of menopausal symptoms in women.

Dr. Lee believes that the best way to treat hormonal imbalance is by natural bio-identical hormone therapy. Natural hormones are the exact and identical …

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Replenishing our spirit and mind

Have you ever struggled with your emotions on your birthday?  Missed someone you loved? Felt a need for peace and quiet?
I know I have!  Well, that is exactly what I am going to talk about on today’s CouchTalk podcast.
And guess what? On today’s Couch Talk, I’m my own guest!
Well….I taped this for you after my birthday last week…an emotional time for many reasons… and it made me realize the importance of resting our spirit and mind, and not just our body!

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Nuances to exercising over 50! Oh the joys!

Debra Atkinson

My Couch Talk guest today is Debra Atkinson, and we will be talking about exercising over 50 and how your bad exercise habits might not be serving you well.
The perfect “after 50” fitness formula!
Debra shares how you can get more energy with less exercise!
I like the sound of that!
And she is such an expert…love her videos on instagram!
If you are struggling with fatigue and reaching for caffeine in mid-afternoon, or if you can’t rev up your metabolism and lose that …

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Re-thinking your cervix: pain, orgasms and more

Olivia Bryant

Today I want to start a conversation on a topic that you won’t often hear about, and that is about connecting more positively with your cervix.
Meet today’s Couch Talk guest, Olivia Bryant
On today’s Couch Talk I interview Olivia Bryant, founder of Self:Cervix, a global project that aims to educate women on how to heal their cervix for more pleasure, deeper orgasms and easier childbirths. To date over 2500 women have taken part in her project.
Prior to starting Self:Cervix Olivia worked as a …

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Increase Your Longevity! The Science of Telomeres

Telomeres expert

On today’s CouchTalk we will be talking about “reversing aging”…
So excited to have as my guest today, Dr. Bill Andrews. 

I’ve known Bill for almost a decade, and I’ve watched him really just push the envelope in so many areas of physical health, and in particular relating to the science of maintaining healthy telomeres and literally reversing aging.
For those who aren’t familiar with telomeres, they are the tips on every one of your body’s chromosomes. 
Why are telomeres important?
Science has …

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