Curb your carb cravings!

Do you crave bread? Sugary sweets? Or any number of processed snack foods?
I know I sometimes do, and it will often happen when I haven’t been sleeping well or I am under some kind of stress. You know, when my “me time” has disappeared from my overscheduled calendar!
In particular, cravings hit me when I travel and I’m not on my usual routine and not eating my usual healthy foods! My circadian rhythm may be off when traveling across country.
That’s when I reach …

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Teaching kids to eat healthy starts with YOU

Hey moms and dads!
It’s Back to School time which means packing lunches, rushing from activity to activity (and “dining” in the car!), and oh…that potentially dreaded cafeteria food…
Feeling STRESSED yet?
Today I am going to talk about how we need to be teaching our kids to eat healthy early on…
I’ll give you info on some simple diet and nutrition habits you should start (with your kids… and even yourself and your significant other!). I’ll also share with you the 5 things you can …

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[Young at age 71] Intimate and in love

I had the great pleasure of talking with one of my community members recently, a woman named Kathy Weibel. I love when I get these opportunities, and meeting Kathy did not disappoint! She is a rockstar in my eyes… so vibrant at the young age of 71… and what a wonderful attitude and perspective.
I wanted to share some of that conversation with you today.
Doesn’t Kathy look terrific? And wait until you hear how she FEELS as well…
She remarried at the age of …

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7 Essential Oils for Menopause Relief

Today I have a guest blog post by Dr. Eric L. Zielinski.
Meet Dr. Z
Dr. Zielinski has been on a mission to helping people enjoy the abundant life for nearly 15 years. Formally trained as a public health researcher, Dr. Z (as he is commonly known) launched his online health ministry with in June 2014.  Visited by more than 2.5 million people, it has become the #1 ranked, fastest growing website devoted to Biblical Health on the Internet!
Specializing in the therapeutic use of essential oils, Dr. …

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Replenishing our spirit and mind

Have you ever struggled with your emotions on your birthday?  Missed someone you loved? Felt a need for peace and quiet?
I know I have!  Well, that is exactly what I am going to talk about on today’s CouchTalk podcast.
And guess what? On today’s Couch Talk, I’m my own guest!
Well….I taped this for you after my birthday last week…an emotional time for many reasons… and it made me realize the importance of resting our spirit and mind, and not just our body!

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Best OTC vaginal dryness solution

Today’s available treatment options for vaginal dryness are only partially effective. Many don’t address related symptoms such as pain during intercourse or urinary leakage. There are also known safety risks relating to chemicals that some solutions contain.
Many menopausal and post-menopausal woman experience vaginal dryness due to declining hormones. But younger women can experience vaginal dryness as well.
Treatment for vaginal dryness and related discomfort has been traditionally limited to:

lubricating creams,
moisturizing products,
herbal therapies, and
prescription-based estrogen options.

Today I want to …

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Nuances to exercising over 50! Oh the joys!

Debra Atkinson

My Couch Talk guest today is Debra Atkinson, and we will be talking about exercising over 50 and how your bad exercise habits might not be serving you well.
The perfect “after 50” fitness formula!
Debra shares how you can get more energy with less exercise!
I like the sound of that!
And she is such an expert…love her videos on instagram!
If you are struggling with fatigue and reaching for caffeine in mid-afternoon, or if you can’t rev up your metabolism and lose that …

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Conquer the Devil’s Pitchfork: inflammation, adrenal dysfunction and hormones!

As someone who wants you to continue to live a healthy and energetic life, I know that the nutrients you take in power so much of what you do.
The right nutrients can help you maintain your best overall health as well as boost your energy and metabolism.  But nutrients need to do more than just spunk you up (I mean, caffeine does that, right?)…
Conquering the Devil’s Pitchfork
My decades as a physician has taught me that the right nutrients can not only add …

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Summer distractions, empty nest…loss of intimacy?

OK, anyone else having trouble keeping in their groove this summer?

True, I was away from home for a month…
Ahh, yes, Barcelona!  
I just loved Barcelona, my coffee on the balcony in the morning, and wine at night, with the sun setting around 10 pm in the distance.
The lively sounds of music, chatter and camaraderie below… as I thought, “I may just go down and join them“…and sometimes we did but more often my internal chatter would say, “I still have to …

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Re-thinking your cervix: pain, orgasms and more

Olivia Bryant

Today I want to start a conversation on a topic that you won’t often hear about, and that is about connecting more positively with your cervix.
Meet today’s Couch Talk guest, Olivia Bryant
On today’s Couch Talk I interview Olivia Bryant, founder of Self:Cervix, a global project that aims to educate women on how to heal their cervix for more pleasure, deeper orgasms and easier childbirths. To date over 2500 women have taken part in her project.
Prior to starting Self:Cervix Olivia worked as a …

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